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Happy Halloween! Enjoy this classic story of terror from Edgar Allen Poe, read!

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Welcome to the September Free Story. This month's episode is the first part of four part series: Far Stones. Xenoarchaeologist and husband and wife duo, Kyle and Frankie, make an exciting discovery on a distant, desert planet. It's a find of a life time and one that could change their very careers and lives. 

Far Stones Season 2 will arrive on Patreon in 2020. 

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A late night trip to the grocery store, where not all things are as they seem. For more stories, please visit

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No one was supposed to be home and no one was supposed to get hurt.  

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This week we get into Wolf and Wood Studios A Chair in a Room...and dear lord does  W&W bring on that secret horror sauce.  I also share some spooky, Memorial Day weekend happenings. 

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On this week's Scream Stream podcast we talk about our first play of the VR scifi horror title, the Persistence, a night-stalking, bedroom visitor, the Alp from German folklore (and Outlast), and sleep paralysis. Stay awhile.

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A double dose of Flash this month with Anamelech and the Tower.  Terror in space and horror in the wastes. 

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On this week's Scream Stream podcast we talk about spirit houses, offerings, and some pretty cool ghost video footage. There are audio issues in the last two minutes as my machine was possessed (unbeknownst to me!).  Sorry about that--but wanted to keep the content. 

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Yowsa. I never managed to get this episode loaded. Looking back on the week when I was sick and the week when I was recovering...memories are fuzzy.  Enjoy this casual episode of the SS Podcast.

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He hadn't skipped a single beat. Wake. Shower. Checklist. Sleep. So what if he gave himself just a few short minutes to enjoy being outside the tube?

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We dive a little deeper into Thai folklore and explore a few of their ghosts and then we take a left turn and start talking about some of the creepiest things that have happened to me over the years. Yikes.

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Coming out of another spooky session of Home Sweet Home, we get a little more into Thai folklore. Ghost--they're a pretty big deal.

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Post VR-Thursday, we test our mod muscles when a troll pops into say hello, amongst other things. A little more on Home Sweet Home's creepy, Thai-inspired horror atmosphere. 

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Post RE2 late night with the best followers on Twitch, at a reasonable BPM. We get into it about the fun of that heart rate monitor. 

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Everyone in the Mechanic's Guild that wasn't super green or stupid cocky hated the graveyard...

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First impressions of the Resident Evil 2 remake and the typical silliness, bite-sized as ever always. 

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All the feels after betting the Evil Within at last. 

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Like a bad penny, Jack always seems to turn up.  Thoughts on a great stream, challenging boss battle, and heart rate monitoring. 

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...that's no dog. What the hell is that? 

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Episode 2 of the Scream Stream Podcast.  VR Thursday on Wednesday. I talk a little bit about the work that went into The Trance Episode 12. Monkey sent me a gift--old Shadowrun novels. Huzzah! Squatting my way through more of RE7 VR.  Stabbing my way to victory.

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